06.10.13Interview with DAY OF THE WOMAN

BJ Colangelo interviews Adam regarding music videos, DVD extras, updates on "What is Scary", and his pitch for the THEY LIVE sequel.

06.03.13Spooky Sean questions II: "What is Scary" updates, music videos and more

The genre author gets a full update on What is Scary's production hiatus and Barnick's current music videos, as well as any random topic Sean can think of.

08.20.12Spooky Sean asks of "Scary"

Genre Author/interview surrealist Sean Thompson questions Adam Barnick about What is Scary, and monkeys.

07.20.12Adam updates "Scary" on The Ron Experience podcast

Adam is featured on indie filmmaker/entrepreneur Ron Purtee's podcast, THE RON EXPERIENCE. Discussions include Barnick's current music videos, his first IndieGogo campaign, the universe of "Mainstream" and his plans for it, DVD Extras creation, and new updates on the future of "What is Scary?".

03.30.11Interview with FATALLY YOURS

Sarah Jahier's popular genre site interviews Adam Barnick on projects past and present, including more details on WHAT IS SCARY?.

03.17.11Arrow in the Head looks at 'Scary'

What is scary? A simple question with a million different answers; each answer probably reveals a lot about the person doing the answering, and that's what so fascinating about the question...


The horror fan favorite 'The Blood Sprayer' website does a mini-profile on the director of 'What is Scary?' as well as recent work..

01.13.11FEARNET: What is Scary?

FEARNET has an excellent sneak peek at the upcoming doc..

01.11.11In-depth Interview with DREAD CENTRAL

Epic interview on 'Scary' as well as upcoming projects in 2011.

12.19.10LAST BLOG ON THE LEFT audio interview with Adam Barnick

The popular horror site Last Blog on The Left dishes up an entertaining, detailed podcast with director Adam Barnick, getting in-depth on WHAT IS SCARY? and what we're scared of..

12.17.10Horror Movies Canada asks the 'Scary' question

Quick peek at the upcoming doc and its content.

12.09.10FATALLY YOURS looks at 'Scary'

The popular genre site takes a first look at the project; a detailed interview will post there soon!

12.06.10THE FILM FIX- Interview, Part 2

Second half of Daily Film Fix's video/Skype interview with Adam Barnick.

12.05.10THE FILM FIX- Interview, Part 1

Atlanta's Daily Film Fix does a Skype interview with Adam Barnick about What is Scary, DVD extras, Mainstream and other projects.

12.03.10Blu-News.com asks of 'Scary' things

One of the leading Blu-Ray/DVD sites has a sneak peek at the upcoming doc.

11.30.10Interview with FREDDY IN SPACE

Adam Barnick talks to F.I.S. about What is Scary in detail, as well as past and upcoming film projects

11.29.10BREAK picks up the 'Scary' trailer

Break.com pick up the teaser trailer and runs with it.

11.28.10The Realmcast: Director Adam Barnick asks 'what is scary?'

Trailer link and some initial news on the upcoming doc.

11.27.10Geek Tyrant looks at What is Scary?

11.26.10DREAD CENTRAL: Are you ready to find out What is Scary?

Dread Central has early word and the teaser trailer for this in-production project.


Fangoria's website has news and the teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary.